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During Covid 19, I unfortunately cannot offer hands-on treatments, however I can still offer you EFT/Tapping Sessions via phone/facetime/zoom and Flower Remedies to help with your Emotional Health.  Just get in touch and I would love to work with you

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Hello I’m Sarah Lynn of Emerald Dreams and Dare To Shine based in sunny (sometimes!) Swansea here in South Wales.  And I work and support ladies just like you, who are struggling with self doubts, panic attacks, stress and anxiety which is controlling your life and making you ill.  Together we will take a life changing journey that allows you to take control of your emotional and physical health and ultimately your life.  During our sessions you will understand why you’re in such emotional and physical pain and I will teach you the tools you need to change your pain and life forever.

I share with you tools and techniques including reflexology, emotional freedom technique (also called eft or tapping), matrix reimprinting,  flower remedies and more, whilst we take stock of your lifestyle and its effects on your emotional and physical health.

Now if you’re like most of my lovely clients, you have tried the “normal” pathway of visiting doctors and consultants, sitting in clinics, trying medication and yet here you are, still being controlled by your emotions! Your life is seriously comprised by your anxiety, you can’t do the things you want to do, you can’t go to the places you want to go and you’ve got to that place in your life when you say to yourself “there must be another way” and so you start your search for an alternative route on your road to health!

And “ta-dah” that’s where I come in!Sarah Lynn of Emerald Dreams Swansea


I’m glad that you’ve arrived here and I’m pleased to share with you that you don’t need to “live with it” and that thankfully there is another way and I will be very happy to show you it!

After 10+ years of working with my lovely clients on both a 1:1 basis and group sessions, I have realised that there is a need for an in-depth, comprehensive program that will help people just like you, who have ‘tried everything’ to end your emotional pain and symptoms that just won’t go away.

And so each month I work one on one with a small number of private clients, from all over the world, who have been selected as appropriate for this private 1:1 program.

Using a combination of techniques, that I have learnt along the way, I have developed a system that looks at the whole picture of why you are in emotional pain, working physically, mentally and emotionally.

By looking at the cause and not just dealing with the symptoms, you are much more likely to heal the conditions for good. And along the way heal many old wounds that you didn’t even realise were still bothering you!

If you are in emotional pain right now and ready to take the next step towards a new you then please do get in touch

I look forward to working with you x

Decision not to reopen at moment

Decision not to reopen at moment

Hello my lovelies. Just to keep you updated, I have made the decision not to reopen for the moment. The guidelines given by the government for home salons are very contradictory and so are the ones from my professional body. At the moment government says that only my...

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Update on Reopening

Update on Reopening

Hello my lovely, how are you? I hope you're coping ok during this still crazy time. I just thought I'd post and update you about coming out of lockdown... As I'm sure many of you heard yesterday Mark Drayford advised that hairdressers can start to get their businesses...

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Just Saying Hello and Re-Opening Update

Just Saying Hello and Re-Opening Update

Hello! How are you? Just thought I'd reach out and say hi and check how you are doing in this crazy time of Covid 19. We are on the start of Week 8 of lockdown but I'm hoping that this blog post reaches you in good health and good spirits.   And I just wanted to...

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