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Are you impatient, irritable or frustrated?  Maybe the Bach Flower Essence Impatiens could be the answer!

This afternoon I’ve been replanting my plant pots with these lovely Impatiens also known as Busy Lizzie’s. I’ve put them front and back of my house to brighten the gardens up. Busy Lizzie’s are vibrant, cheerful that have colourful flowers so great to add a spot of colour.

Now why am I writing this blog post about my garden plants you may ask?  Well Impatiens is one of the Bach Flower Remedies I use a lot for myself and my clients (after all I am a Taurus!). As its name suggests, this remedy is for impatience and the frustration and irritability that often go with it. Anyone can get into this state of mind, but there are also genuine Impatiens types (like me!) who live life at a rush and hate being held back by more methodical people. To avoid this irritation they prefer to work alone.  When supervising others the urge to “do it yourself” is high when they are doing it slower than you would or to a lower standard than yours.

The remedy helps us be less hasty and more relaxed with others. It is also an ingredient in the Rescue Remedy formula, where it helps calm agitated thoughts and feelings.


In the negative Impatiens state you will be feeling, irritable, impatient, with that feeling of being uptight and full of tension.

When in the positive state, Impatiens people have great capacity for empathy and patience. You still possess quickness of mind, intelligence, and decision-making, but you put them all to good use in the service of others as well as yourself.

A smart mum will keep this Bach Flower Essence on hand for those times when the children’s squabbles or temper tantrums have destroyed her patience. An ideal remedy for school holidays. Interestingly, this treatment will aid the children directly, and will help mum regain her lost patience.

If you think Impatiens could help you, I can make you up a Personalised Blend of Flower Remedies which includes Impatiens in.  Just 4 drops 4 x a day will help you to regain your inner patience.

I’m hoping the vibrations from this beautiful plant will surround my home and me in patience and calm.

Comment below if you could do with some Impatiens in your life 😊 xxx

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