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Hello I want to share something with you if that’s ok, because I think I may have kept this secret quite well!

Recently I was talking to 1 of my neighbours whilst I was out taking Bessie for a walk and she asked what I did, as she said “I see you often walking Bessie so know you’re home a lot”, so I explained I work from home and I help people who suffer with chronic pain and anxiety to feel better using holistic treatments rather than medication.  After a little bit of a discussion she asked me the question…..

“So have you ever used these kind of treatments yourself to overcome pain or anxiety? Can you personally recommend them?”

And I thought you may like to know the answer to this…

Like everyone, my past has been a series of ups and downs that has shaped my life so far but several events have contributed to me having bouts of anxiety and “melt-downs”.

1 of these was the turning point in my “career” – I used to work in a bank, and at this point I worked as a Data Analyst – it was a very stressful position and I had been doing a full-time job in part-time hours for months and months. One Friday evening Rob and I had gone to a friends birthday party but as I was so stressed and very upset, because of work, we left early.

As we were walking down the road to catch a taxi home, a man we didn’t know, walked up to us and without any communication or provocation of any kind, smacked Rob in the face and walked off never to be seen again! Rob fell to the floor and didn’t get back up and in the moment I feared the worst, when he didn’t respond at all. Luckily (and I say luckily in a loose/weird kind of way) Rob had “only” had has jaw fractured in 2 places and once he had undergone surgery to pin his jaw together, he survived the attack and is still with us to tell the tale.

The weekend was a blur of hospitals and ops and then I went back into work on the Monday (too afraid to be off as I felt I couldn’t afford the time off to be with Rob as I had so many deadlines to meet). When I got to work that morning and opened my emails, the first email I read was off the Top Manager publicly congratulating my boss on the successful work I HAD DONE with absolutely no acknowledgement to me at all! I was absolutely livid and bouncing off the walls! I had worked so hard over the last couple of months on various projects, going in early, working through my breaks, staying late, going back in after Jess was sleeping to keep up with the amount of work and here was my boss being congratulated for his efforts!!!

I won’t go into the details but sufficient to say this was the straw that broke this camels back (for the first time) – I resigned – and followed it up with a melt-down that came with lots of anxiety, self-doubt, rock bottom self-esteem and a deep distrust in bosses!

I had already trained in reflexology, massage and reiki at this point and it was these I turned to help me turn my life around again. But looking back, how I wished I had been trained in EFT/Matrix Reimprinting and Flower Remedies then because it would have made my healing process so much easier and quicker to deal with.

Funnily enough I have never been employed since then! I much prefer working for myself

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Since that time, I have worked my way through another 2 personal “melt-down moments” along with several other “hic-cups” in my life, so long story short….

I MOST DEFINITELY can personally confirm the benefits and power of using holistic therapies around anxiety, stress, depression and lots of self-limiting beliefs – rather than turning to medication

The proof is in the pudding so to speak – as I now quite confidently say to my clients that it is possible to not only overcome anxiety and “melt-downs” but to learn from them and move forwards to a much better place than you were in before – as a new and improved version of you.

As my neighbour said – “well you would never have known from looking and talking to you that you went through all that and come out the other side- so the treatments must work!!”

If you are suffering, then don’t suffer alone, please do get in touch or ring me on 07966 162046 and we can have a chat, no judgements – just a helping hand

With love & hugs x

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