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Hello and Happy Saturday to you!

Over the last couple of weeks/months/years (!) I have had lots of “signs” from the Universe that kept sneaking up on me and suggesting I do something with weight issues and body confidence, and being happy in your own body but having been unhappy with my weight forever, I kept batting them off and ignoring them, quite simply not read to deal with them. Well recently I have made some pretty big shifts in my own stuff using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and this time when it happened I thought “ok why not”

So last week on facebook I just thought I’m going to put it out there and ask the question – “Would you be interested in joining me on a journey to learn more about ways to stop stressing, lose weight, overcome emotional eating, stop cravings, improve your self esteem and self confidence using some holistic tools and techniques I can teach you? – No pills, diets or scams (been there & done that myself so many times!!)” and asked my lovely facebook friends to type Yes below the post if they would be interested in learning more. I had a great response with 30+ people commenting Yes.

Now I set myself a little bet and said that if I got 25+ likes that that would be a sign that maybe I do actually need to stop ignoring this weight thing and do something about it and so I have!

I’ve created the Chocolate, Cheeseboards and Change group over in Facebook – cos that’s where I hang out quite a lot in between clients!

And you’re very welcome to come and join me 🙂

I have created a video to explain a bit more over on my Facebook Page so just click on this link and it will tell you more

Join me in my group Chocolate, Cheese Boards & Change

Invitation to join me in Chocolate Cheeseboards & Change

Posted by Sarah Lynn of Emerald Dreams on Friday, 17 March 2017

Now the thinking behind it, is that in this group I can find out exactly what frustrates you around your weight and/or body and put that information together with what has frustrated me over the years, then I will create an online program (woo hoo!) that will help you with your problems using the tools and techniques I have learnt along the way. This will include tapping, visualisation, mindfulness to help with stress, emotional eating, stopping cravings, boosting your metabolism, helping you to want to exercise and anything else you tell me you need

So if you’re interested in looking at your weight in a different way to possibly how you’ve been doing it for years – come on over and join us. There’s 17 of us so far, all ready to start this journey together and it would be lovely if you wanted to come along too

So here’s the link to come and join me over in Chocolate Cheeseboards and Change!

Speak soon x

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