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Hello and Welcome to Coping With Christmas Tapping Group!

I am so looking forward to working with you in the run-up to Christmas, showing you tools and techniques that will allow you to deal with this stressful season easily and effortlessly.

Here are 3 simple and important steps for you to take now:

Firstly, join and connect with your fellow members of the Coping with Christmas group



This is where all the live calls will be happening. All you need to do is be on Facebook, have this group open and I’ll appear like magic. 

This is our safe space and I’ve just recorded a welcome video for you, go have a look and share how you are feeling about starting this journey together. 

All information shared in here is sacred and confidential.

Please be generous with each other and yourselves, support and encouragement go a long way in this sometimes harsh world we live in.

This is going to be a wonderful resource for you … a place full of kindred spirits who are all there to support one another on your journey to a happier Christmas…

Go here and then click the “Join” button you see on the page now.



(please allow 24-48 business hours as our admins cross reference you in our system – if your Facebook name is different to the name you signed up with, please click REPLY and let us know).


Secondly… As soon as you’re in our Facebook Group, please introduce yourself here and start connecting with other members.  I’d love to know how Christmas is making you feel, so I can tailor the live videos to help you as much as I can.


Thirdly….. These are the dates and times: (grab your diary and make a note of them now)

Wed 28th November – Week 1 – 12pm-1pm (UK BST)

Wed 5th December – Week 2 – 12pm-1pm (UK BST)

Wed 12th December – Week 3 – 12pm-1pm (UK BST)

Wed 19th December – Week 4 – 12pm-1pm (UK BST)

Time Converter – Click Here

Because I don’t want to overwhelm you and experience has taught me that we need bite-size-easy-to-digest information, I may do extra Q&A’s as and when they are needed – as this is an interactive course, to help you take the next steps so keep an eye out on in the Facebook group and your inbox for notifications.

All videos will be in the Facebook Group – so that they are easy to catch up on. (basically it’s all about the online group space)

If you’ve got any questions, or enthusiastic comments – please either post them in the group, or contact me direct on sarah@snlynn.com

I’m so pleased to be taking this journey with you.

Let’s take these steps together towards a more joyful Christmas

With love and hugs,

Sarah xx

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