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Do You Want Help Coping With Christmas This Year?

During this completely FREE 4 week Interactive Online Course with Online Support and Community
I Will Show You How To Release Your Christmas Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm and More Using EFT

This Workshop Is For You If….

  • The thought of Christmas is filling you with dread
  • You are stressed and anxious just thinking of Christmas
  • You are completely overwhelmed by the amount of presents you need to buy
  • You are worried about the financial stress around buying gifts and social occasions
  • Are dreading Christmas due to losing a loved one
  • If you are worried about family tension and conflict
  • Are worried you will be lonely this year

How Will It Work?

When you join me on Coping with Christmas you will get access to 4 Weeks of Interactive Tap-along Online Workshops. 

All you need is your mobile phone, laptop or tablet and wifi, then follow me during our live video sessions to get the benefits

  • Workshop Week 1 – How to Release Your Feelings of Overwhelm and Anxiety
  • Workshop Week 2 – Taking Care of Money Worries
  • Workshop Week 3 – Dealing With Family Tension
  • Workshop Week 4 – Managing Loneliness and Sadness


As well as our live weekly sessions together, you will find continuing support, motivation and advice in our Facebook Group.  And all of the important resources, will be stored for easy reference in my Facebook group that you will have 24 hrs access to.

The Details

Live sessions every week in our closed Facebook Group, which is a warm, safe space where you will feel supported and part of a community with like-minded friends, all feeling the stresses of Christmas time. 

All our sessions are recorded, so even if you can’t make a live session, you can watch the recorded session and they are yours forever so that you’ve got the resources & tapping sessions whenever you need them.

All calls are at UK GMT – 12pm

Time Converter – Click Here

  • Wednesday 28th November @ 12pm –  How to Release Your Feelings of Overwhelm and Anxiety
  • Wednesday 5th December @ 12pm – Taking Care of Money Worries
  • Wednesday 12th December @ 12pm – Dealing With Family Tension
  • Wednesday 19th December @ 12pm –  Managing Loneliness and Sadness

Sarah Lynn of Emerald Dreams SwanseaHi my name is Sarah and I completely get where you are right now, because I’ve been there too!  Christmas is “supposed” to be a time of joy and good will but for many it can be full of stress, anxiety, disappointment and loneliness. Christmas nowadays seems to come with the very high expectations of a perfect day, with loads of expensive presents, shared with loved ones having an amazing time!  However in reality it can be very different!

Juggling work, home, children, finances and family can leave you feeling much more “bah humbug” that “jingle bells!”

If you have lost a loved one, Christmas can also be filled with sadness and grief, along with loneliness.

I completely understand all of this and so I wanted to share some amazing tools and techniques including the simple to learn but incredibly powerful tool that is Tapping aka Emotional Freedom Technique.

During our 4 live and interactive tap-along sessions we will deal with the issues that are bothering you this Christmas, so you can release your feelings of stress, anxiety, doubt, uncertainty, sadness and overwhelm and start to replace them with feelings of excitement,  intrigue, happiness and optimism.

Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping as its sometimes called, which involves tapping with your fingertips on accupressure points on your hands and face, whilst concentrating on a particular emotional pain or belief, is an incredibly simple tool to learn, and can have life-changing effects.  And I say this with absolute honesty from my own personal experience.  I use tapping daily for myself, my family, my friends and my clients – quite simply cos it works!

And you can do all of this in the comfort of your own home.  No travelling, no hotels needed, no baby or pet sitters needed, no time off work needed.  Just turn up, interact with me, do the work I’m showing you and get the results you want! You will be a happy bunny, I promise!

So how does this sound to you?

I want to make sure that this online course is available to anyone who needs it and in the spirit of all things Christmas – my gift to you – its completely FREE

So what are you waiting for?  Click that button and sign up!

I would love for you to join me on this journey to a happier you and a more joyful Christmas.  

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