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closed due to covid 19
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Hello my lovelies. Just to keep you updated, I have made the decision not to reopen for the moment.

The guidelines given by the government for home salons are very contradictory and so are the ones from my professional body. At the moment government says that only my extended family may come into my home and no-one else so am not sure how I can see clients.


Reading reports last night that areas of Manchester, Yorkshire and Lancashire have now said that people from different households can no longer meet each other indoors after a surge of corona cases bothers me a lot.

My good friends son has been tested positive with Covid only last week and has spent the last week fighting this horrible virus and confirms to me that it hasn’t gone away.

I I have a couple of people with outstanding Christmas/Mothers Day gift vouchers. And I know that there are some reflexologists/holistic therapists locally that have re-opened and so am very happy to refund you the price of the voucher so you can book in with them (or of course do whatever you want with the money) as I can’t yet give you a date when I will reopen. Just get in touch and I can sort it out for you.

I’m very sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone.

Please take care of you, love & hugs xxx

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