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Are You Afraid of Flying?

It’s coming very close to the end of the school term and for thousands of families across the world that means some well earned time off and summer holidays.  Whilst some look forward to going abroad to holiday, there are many who are absolutely dreading it, as they are afraid of flying.  The thought of your 2 weeks away is being completely over-shadowed by the flight to get there.  Just thinking about it, is enough to bring you out in a sweat and start your heart racing and you are very close to calling the whole thing off.  Then when (and if) you do finally get to your holiday destination you just know that you have to endure another flight back again!!!

But what if it could be different?

What if you could learn a very easy but powerful technique that helps you to deal with any pre-flight nerves, release any previous negative experiences you may have encountered and actually have you looking forward to your holidays – would that be helpful?

Kelly came to see me a while ago in pieces as her mum-in-law had very kindly paid for her and her family to go on holidays abroad with them.  Now whilst she was extremely grateful for this lovely gesture, Kelly couldn’t even pick up the holiday brochure without feeling sick at the thought of the flight.  So I suggested that we have a couple of sessions of EFT to help her cope with the up-coming stress and worries around her holidays.  This is what she said after she came back from her amazing family holiday….

“Hi,just to let you know before my EFT treatment I was absolutely petrified of flying.I never thought I would get on an aeroplane ever again in my life.Nine years ago after my last flight I said that would be my last time.I always used to have nightmares about it that’s how bad my phobia was.I’ve been for two full sessions of EFT with Sarah Lynn and it’s made a massive difference to me..During my journey I started with a bit of ‘tapping’ on the mini bus to the airport as I could feel myself beginning to get anxious and this seemed to ease it aagh back to being calm again.I was also fine boarding the plane until the captain said we were going to have a rough take off as we were going to fly into cross winds so I started tapping again.By the time we were up in the air through the bumps I was fine and looking at the view from the window which was a massive experience for me especially as on my last flight I had my head on my lap,eyes closed and my fingers in my ears and cried all the way home.But this experience was so different.I actually got up on the plane to go to the toilet which I’ve never been able to do before and on the return flight I was looking through the window on take off.Amazing!! (for me anyway)..I also got to do some more tapping on the return flight as we were coming down through the clouds with a few turbulence which has always frightened the hell out of me.I haven’t stopped grinning to myself since and feel a huge weight off my shoulder now. SO who needs alcohol and valium when you can do it with EFT 

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 …………Thanks Sarah!!!! XXXXXX “


Yes I Am Afraid of Flying!

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping as its also known, is a easy to learn technique, that anyone can learn and have amazing results from.  And during our session together – which can be done face-to-face if you are near Swansea or via Zoom/Facebook if you are further afield – I will teach you this technique so you will always know what to do if you are scared, nervous or anxious. However during our session(s) we can work together on any parts of flying or the lead up to your holiday that you can think of that are bothering you, including….

  • Looking at the brochure
  • Planning your holiday
  • Packing your suitcase
  • Getting your holiday money
  • The drive to the airport
  • The crowds at the airport
  • Security
  • Checking-in
  • Getting on the plane
  • Feeling out of control
  • Feeling claustrophobic
  • Not knowing what to expect
  • Knowing EXACTLY what to expect as you’ve experienced it before
  • Take-off
  • Turbulence
  • Getting up to go to the toilet
  • Landing in the plane
  • Baggage claim
  • Plane crashes
  • 911
  • Etc. etc. etc

Anything you can think of that’s bothering you about the flight (or holiday for that matter) we can tap on.  You may have had a bad experience previously and this is really bothering you, don’t worry we can work on that and release how you feel so it won’t bother you anymore.  Nothing is too small or too scary.

Tapping on particular points on your face, head and hands whilst stating what bothers you, releases your stress and anxiety, calms your nerves and allows you to release any emotions that aren’t working for you – fear, worry, anxiety, powerlessness, doubt, overwhelm, anger etc.  It sounds too good to be true – I know I thought that ’til I tried it too – but it works, honest!

I would recommend a 90 minute session initially, where I will explain exactly how to tap, and together we will discover all the different elements that bother you and start tapping on them.  You will be surprised at how much we can work on in 90 minutes and if you need any more sessions we can set them up straight away, so you can start looking forward to your time away.  The cost is £50 for the initial session and £40 for any further 60 minute sessions needed.


Yes I Am Afraid of Flying!

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