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World Health Heroes Limited develops wellbeing teams nationwide to form the World Health Heroes Clinic Service, which helps people deliver discounted complementary therapies to local communities and people who need them most.
The heroes believe in bringing an expansive range of complementary health therapies, alternative treatments and spiritual guidance to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access
You can find out more here – www.worldhealthheroesuk.com 

The Bath Health Heroes was founded in April 2016 and became the World Health Heroes in July 2016. Hero founder Owen Morgan was inspired to create the company after a life threatening illness changed life in September 2015.

His new found passion, drive and desire to build a better world for himself, led him to create an organisation that can help transform the lives of others. The day after leaving the hospital he grabbed his notepad and pen and began to formulate his vision to be of service to more people. Two years later he had his company in 60 Cities / Towns. Also in that time created his own chat show and had run 15 events across the country.

Owen and his team have been building wellbeing groups all over the United Kingdom so they can team together. They allow treatments, services & offerings to become available to those on low income or unemployed through illness.

And today 1st May 2018 they have launched their clinic service. As part of the clinic service they hope to work with support groups, schools, care homes & low income families. With longer term plans to create a mobile clinic bus that travels the country to raise awareness of how complementary health can help.

If you or someone you know could really do with some support then you can find out more by clicking on this link https://www.worldhealthheroes.com/health-hero-clinic-service/ (including the application form)

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