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Hello! How are you? Just thought I’d reach out and say hi and check how you are doing in this crazy time of Covid 19.

We are on the start of Week 8 of lockdown but I’m hoping that this blog post reaches you in good health and good spirits.


And I just wanted to update you with regard to possible re-opening of Emerald Dreams, as I’m sure you are aware the Welsh govt has said we are still in lockdown here in Wales for another 3 weeks. And so following orders I will continue to remain closed.

A new Covid-19 alert level module ranks the status of the pandemic into 5 stages, with Stage 5 being the highest.  Currently we are on alert level 4.  Hair and Beauty salons may have to wait until the alert level drops to level 2 and so I’m hoping that will be the case for Holistic Therapies too.

In an email from my Insurers today, Babtac said…
“While there was reference to some returning to work for those who can’t work from home, there was also more specific details of only allowing some hospitality businesses to return during Step 3 (July) and ONLY then if subject to all conditions and providing social distancing can be met.

As our industry remains one which cannot maintain these social distancing rules we advise our members to await further clarity from government on exactly who may return to work and when.”

As Babtac has mentioned, as you are aware, I can’t work and maintain social distancing whilst offering my treatments (reflexology is looking more likely than massage initially but will obviously have to check once lockdown lifted), so it looks as if its going to be quite a while before I can get back to working and offering you the treatments you want and need 🙁

I am still here though if you want to do EFT sessions, which can be run very successfully over Zoom, Facetime or the telephone, so if you are feeling a little bit emotionally challenged at the moment, please don’t suffer alone, just get in touch and we can arrange an appointment asap.  Also I’m still able to make up my flower remedies for you and pop them in the post, which can really help with your emotional wellbeing.

So if I can help in anyway, please do reach out to me, it will be lovely to hear from you.

Stay safe and wash your hands

Love & hugs

Sarah x

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