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Hello!  Well our first ever Ladies That Can Tapping Circle took place on Sat 1st July and it was a great start to a growing group!  3 lovely ladies joined me in my home aka Emerald Dreams HQ for 2 hrs of tapping, support, emotional release and some laughs along the way.  It started with a tap-along to release stress and then continued with group tapping, supporting each other as individual issues arose.

Now if you have never “borrowed benefits” in an EFT Tapping Circle, I would highly recommend it.  Borrowing benefits means that simply watching someone else do EFT on their issues, while tapping along with them, can help you to reduce the emotional intensity of your own issues, without specifically working on them!

Borrowing Benefits was first noted by EFT practitioners. They reported that, rather than feeling exhausted after a day working with clients, they were energised. Their own emotional problems seemed to have melted away, even though they weren’t working on the same issues as their clients.  And having worked with many, many clients myself I can definitely vouch for this.  This might seem hard to believe at first, because it doesn’t apply to most other methods of therapy.  Talk therapists don’t usually find their own anxiety or depression improving after working with clients. Social workers don’t find their problems melting after a day of work. The reverse often occurs, as they take on the emotional burdens their clients are processing. The rate of burnout among helping professions is high.

You don’t get the benefits of meditation by watching other people meditate. Yet, just watching EFT sessions, and tapping along on your issues, can produce lasting change. It’s amazing!


As an energy therapist already, I know how much more powerful group tapping can be.  Sarah created a lovely safe space for everyone to release their emotions.  Wonderful and I look forward to the next one!

Debra Byers


Everyone had emotional shifts and it was a lovely space to be with like-minded ladies.  So often in life it can feel like you are going through your emotional roller-coasters on our own and we all agreed it was good to be able to share some challenges that are happening in our lives right now, without feeling judged or having to explain.  Just asking for help and receiving it with lots of love to boot.

I plan to run these meetings at least monthly – on the 1st Sat of each month – so if you’d like to join us I’d love to welcome you.  Why not join us over in our Facebook group for support, motivation, news and inspiration.  The meetings are also shown on my Meetup Group page, if you want to come on over and join us here.

PS The next meeting is scheduled for Sat 5th Aug at 930am


Very open, friendly way to learn and grow x


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