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I have setup this group for all you lovely ladies in the Swansea area who are interested in improving yourself, whether, emotionally, mentally or physically. Leave go of the low self-esteem, anxiety, stress and pain using EFT and other energy therapies and find your perfectly imperfect self. All skill levels are welcome from beginners who want to learn to advanced/experienced tappers who want support and swap.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping as its sometimes known, is quickly gaining acceptance as a simple but profoundly effective tool for emotional and physical healing. This group offers people the chance to work through any issues they fancy (physical or emotional) whilst learning tapping together with a group of like-minded people in a safe friendly environment.

These monthly sessions will give you a chance to clear some of your own emotional and outdated baggage, to practice the technique and be supported while you learn, and to develop greater confidence in using EFT on yourself and with friends and family. We focus on borrowing benefits and as group tapping raises the energy in the room. Borrowing benefits and tap-alongs can quite often have fab results. The group is designed around YOUR journey…

Yet how can group work be specific to you? Well, all roads lead to Rome and I know all that negative ‘stuff’ in your life (or head) will leads to your core beliefs – what you believe about yourself and the world to be true. With all my private clients, I emphasise the importance of working with these beliefs through homework, journalling, daily tapping and ultimately by taking responsibility for their own journey they find the tools that work for them. I help you find those beliefs and give you exercises to work with at home.

Discover what your subconscious mind is saying and learn how to accept, change and shift it! So, what are you waiting for? Come and learn a new tool for life to help you manage through the every day stresses and strains, explore what’s going on for you or what’s stopping you meet your goals and meet some like-minded ladies on the way.

I know that coming to a new group can be a bit scary, but there is no requirement to ‘share’ your stuff with me or the rest of the group if you don’t feel ready…My aim is inspire you so that you can leave go of whatever is stopping you from becoming your perfectly imperfect self.

Want Daily Support, Inspiration & To Connect With Like-Minded Ladies?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, down or just to realise that you are not in this on your own, then come on over and join us – completely free – in our Facebook Group.


There are 3 ways you can join me and the other lovely Ladies That Can members.

  1. In our group meetings – Click here for dates
  2. In our Private Facebook Group where you can ask for help on anything you need help with, offer advice and share whats working for you in between our group sessions (or if you are to far away to attend a meeting in person)
  3. In my Meetup group – Meetup is an international website that hosts groups that like to meetup that have common interests – it’s worth checking out to see what’s on in your area

See The Events Calendar For Planned Meetings

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