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Looking For A Different Way To Deal With Your Health?

You’re in physical and emotional pain, but what you’re doing now isn’t work right?
You’re in the right place!

You’re in physical pain.  You’re in emotional pain.  You’re down, you cry at the smallest things, your mood swings from happiness to despair on a regular basis and you don’t know which way to turn.  Your confidence and self esteem are on the floor and everything feels like such an effort.  Everything is getting on top of you and you have this nagging feeling that life is passing you by.  You’ve tried the “normal” route of going to the doctor but its not helping.  They prescribed you medication and whilst it helped a little at first, you’re still in the same mess as you were, only now your taking tablets too and the side effects are almost as bad as the symptoms you started with.  You must have said to yourself a dozen times already “Is this it? Is this all that life is about?” You know you want to do something different, something that really helps – long term –  but you don’t know what or how.  Where do you start?

 Stop Worrying!

I can almost hear your thoughts from here!  Your mind whirls at every moment it gets, you worry about what has happened, what hasn’t happened and what’s going to happen!  But it’s ok, we can work on that.  Starting to live in the present means you won’t miss out on the good times you’re going to have

Need Directions?

Not sure which way to go? Which way is going to be the best way for you? Don’t worry I’ve helped myself AND ton’s of my clients out of their current situation and towards a future that makes them excited and happy.  Working with a plan gives you peace of mind and a direction so you can get wherever you want to go

Afraid Of Going It Alone?

You’ve tried helping yourself but it’s not working and it’s so exhausting going around and around in circles.  It would be so much easier if you had someone there you could turn to, some you could trust to get support and a helping hand when you need.  Well that’s what I do 🙂 Support is so important when you are making new choices and I’ll be there for you, every step of the way

I Know There Is More To Life Than What I Have Right Now, But Do I Deserve It?

Abso-bloody-lutely you do!  Every one has the right to feel great, live without pain and make plans for the future that they know they can achieve – maybe with a bit of work – it may not be easy but it will definitely be worth it!

Working together we can start with your physical and emotional health then work on your self doubts and limiting beliefs – you know the one’s…I’m not good enough, I’m not tall/thin/rich/educated enough – feel free to fill in the blanks with your “not enough” belief

I know how hard it can be to get motivated to move forwards in life, but trust me, I’ve been there and done it, got the t-shirt and now I fly a flag so ladies like you can find me and get the help they want so they can achieve so much more than they believed was possible for themselves

Feeling the love….

Thank you so much for today.  I am feeling so much better.  You are AMAZING! <3 xx


Thanks Sarah, I definitely now believe in angels, you’ve been mine for sure. xx


“I would highly recommend Sarah! And to let others know, she is not just a reflexologist she’s so much more. Her skills at helping people with her wealth of knowledge and range of therapies can really help people with a range of problems.” 


“I’m really good, feeling positive for the future for a first time in years.  I’ve given up my job, I’ve cut the strings to things that don’t excite or make me feel good. I’m looking forward to a new me, I’ve now lost 1/2 stone and I’m determined to be who I want to be. I’ve also won 3 small amounts on the lottery lol, it’s all because I’m feeling positive.  Before I came to see you, I couldn’t see myself as ever being happy again I was just muddling through life, waiting to join my soul mate (who had passed away). I will join him one day but I’m determined to enjoy life until I’m very old now.  I’ve no idea how it works it’s definitely weird and wonderful.  It worked for me. Big thanks xx” 

“If I Can Do It, You Can Too –
Only You’ll Have A Roadmap & A Helping Hand!”

My Mission Is To Help As Many Ladies As I Can
To Be Healthy, Happy and Go After The Life They’ve Always Wanted xx

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