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Hello! How are you today on this lovely Thursday? It’s slightly cooler here in Swansea which my furry friend Bessie is very grateful for but I don’t mind if the sun makes another appearance really soon – I prefer yellow to grey weather myself, as I’m currently sitting in my kitchen typing this email and dare I say it – but I’m cold (but daren’t put the heating on in June or Rob’ll shout ūüėČ )

Any how – I just thought I’d let you know that I’m now the proud owner of a group on the brilliant website called Meetup. ¬†Now if you haven’t heard of Meetup I would highly recommend you take a look – its completely free to join (unless you want to become a group owner) and you can search for loads and loads of different groups all around the world¬†that are interested in what you’re interested in. ¬†So whether its Flower Arranging, Law of Attraction, Food & Drink, Fitness, Socialising, Music – you can bet that there’s a group been formed, where you can meet fellow like minded people.

Now¬†as you probably know by now I absolutely love EFT and Matrix Reimprinting – it has completely changed how I feel about myself and changed my life and I love teaching people how they can change their lives too by leaving go of beliefs and emotions that no longer work for them. So I am going to be organising and hosting a monthly Tapping Circle called Ladies That Can¬†(apologies to any gents reading this email but my client base is predominantly ladies) – starting Sat 1st July at my home aka Emerald Dreams HQ. This 2 hr workshop will be all about dealing with stress using easy to use techniques you can learn and take home with you. Come on over to my group and join me for free, then you can see what topics we’ll be covering over the next 6 months, which will all be based around self-healing, increasing your self-esteem/confidence and empowering you in any way you need help. ¬†If¬†there’s anything in particular subject you’d like to cover let me know.

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