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Bach flower essences are extracts from flowers which have a positive effect on emotional imbalances and mood swings such as fear, depression, lack of self-confidence, stress and worrying.

The name comes from Dr. Edward Bach (1886 – 1936) who discovered this amazing healing method in the 1920’s and 1930’s. For more than 70 years these flower essences have proved useful for children as well as adults for all kinds of emotional problems. Sleep problems, fear of failure, exam fear, ADHD, sadness, guilt, concentration problems. These are all but a few examples where Bach Flower Essences have been successfully used with good results.

With a total of 38 remedies in the Bach remedy system and each remedy is associated with a basic human emotion. Mimulus, for example, is the remedy for when we are anxious or afraid about something specific. Taking the remedy helps us overcome our fear and face it with courage. Whilst Star of Bethlehem is fondly known as the “hug in a bottle”, it is extremely helpful in times of shock or trauma. Following a bereavement it helps the bereaved to cope with their grief and ease their pain and sorrow and helps after accidents, disturbing news or a distressing sight.

These have been grouped into 7 headings:-

For Fear – (Rock Rose, Mimulus, Cherry Plum, Aspen, Red Chestnut)

For Uncertainty (Cerato, Scleranthus, Gentian, Gorse, Hornbeam, Wild Oat)

For Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances (Clematis, Honeysuckly, Wild Rose, Olive, White Chestnut, Mustard, Chestnud Bud)

For Loneliness (Water Violet, Impatiens, Heather)

For Those Over Sensitive to Influence and Ideas (Agrimony, Centaury, Walnut, Holly)

For Despondency or Despair (Larch, Pine, Elm, Sweet Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem, Willow, Oak, Crab Apple)

For Over-Care For Welfare of Others (Chicory, Vervain, Vine, Beech, Rock Water)

Like Dr Bach, I believe that healing on an emotional level has knock-on effects on other levels: a healthy emotional life and a balanced personality will allow your body to find its own natural state of health.

Use the information here to look up every remedy and find out what it is for. Several remedies can be taken at a time if needed. If you would like to see if these amazing but simple remedies can help you just get in touch.  They work equally well as a stand-alone treatment or as part of your treatment plan

Agrimony – When you hide problems behind a cheerful face. Smiles hide your inner worry. Life and sole of the party outwardly but inwards hide your worries and torment
Aspen – When you have fears and worries of unknown origin. You are generally nervy and anxious.
Beech – When you are over critical and intolerant of others and their situations. Beech Was described by Dr Bach as the remedy for people who ‘feel the need to see more good and beauty in all that surrounds them.’
Centaury – When you find it hard to say no. When you are anxious to please others. People pleasing. Anxious to do the right thing
Cerato – When lack faith in your own judgement. You seek advice and confirmation from others rather than trusting your own instinct
Cherry Plum – When you feel like you are losing control/losing the plot. Vergeof nervous breakdown. Suicial. Losing control around drugs/addictions
Chestnut Bud – When you fail to learn from your experiences, leading to an inability to make progress in life. You keep making the same mistakes, falling over again and again for the wrong partner, or continue to work in an unsuitable job.
Chicory – When you are overly possessive and controlling. You may be critical, interfering and nagging.
Clematis – When you are dreamy and absent minded. You live in a world of your own with no interest in the real world. This remedy is appropriate if you have lose a loved one and long to join them.
Crab Apple – When you have poor self image. It is the cleansing remedy for mind and body – physically & mentally. Good for people with skin problems
Elm – When you are overwhelmed by responsibility. A momentary doubt of your own abilities causes you to feel weak and debilitated
Gentian – When you are despondent or disappointed. Have lack of faith in your progress in an identifiable cause
Gorse – When you are feeling hopelessness and despair. When you feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel. You may feel your illness is hereditary and therefore incurable.
Heather – When you are over-talkative. Preoccupied by your own situation or ailments. Drive others away with extreme neediness. Make mountains out of molehills.
Holly – For when you are feeling “prickly” – angry, jealous, hatred, suspicion, bad-tempered, aggressive. Good for sibling jealousy.
Honeysuckle – When you are living in the past. When you are attached to a loved one or happier days. Find it difficult to get over bereavement and constantly refer to the past in conversations. When you are feeling homesick
Hornbeam – When you have that Monday Morning feeling. Feeling weary, mental tiredness rather than physical. Lack enthusiasm and suffer with procrastination. Sleep is not refreshing
Impatiens – When you are feeling easily irritated. You are impatient and want everything done instantly. Often fidgety and hastiness may lead to being accident-prone
Larch – When you are feeling a lack of self-confidence. For people who won’t even try because you many fail. You may feel inferior to others. You may lack confidence in exams, driving tests, interviews etc
Mimulus – When you have a fear that be easily named, such as illness, death, accidents, pain, the dark, cold, poverty, other people, animals, spiders, public speaking, dentists, loss of friends or jobsfears. Nervous. May suffer from blushing, stammering, nervous laughter etc. Good for shy, timid, sensitive children
Mustard – When you suffer with depression for no apparent reason. The gloom can be very severe; it is like a cold dark fog destroying normal cheerfulness.
Oak – The strengthener
Olive – Physical & metal tiredness, exhaustion
Pine – Feelings of guilt, unworthiness
Red Chestnut – Fear for others
Rock Rose – Extreme fear, nightmares
Rock Water – Self punishment, rigidity
Scleranthus – Indecision, inability to choose, balance
Star of Bethlehem – Shock, Trauma, Accidents
Sweet Chestnut– Extreme anguish, despair
Vervain – Over enthusiasm, perfectionism
Vine – Dominating, need for control over others
Walnut – Change, need for adaptability, protection
Water Violet – Proud, upright people, superiority
White Chestnut – Thoughts buzzing around in head
Wild Oat – Inability to see ones direction
Wild Rose – Apathy, lack of enthusiasm
Willow – Resentment, bitterness
Rescue Remedy – Combination for Emergency Situations

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