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Most women will experience some symptoms around the menopause and the length and severity of these symptoms can vary from woman to woman. On average, most symptoms last around four years from your last period. However according to the NHS, around 1 in every 10 women experience them for up to 12 years! OMG! That’s a very long to be suffering!!

Some of the more common symptoms include hot flushes, night flushes, difficulty sleeping, problems with memory and concentration, mood changes including anxiety and low self esteem, headaches, loss of libido, palpitations, joint stiffness and aches and pains – as well as the possibility of developing weak bones (osteoporosis). Such joy!

However if you’re looking to go down a more natural route to HRT, reflexology may be the answer for you.

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Reflexology most definitely helps you to relax, unwind and reduces your stress, I can vouch for that, but did you know it can also help by regulating your hormones and glandular functions of your body. Hormones are essential for women’s health and the changing levels around your menopause can affect you both physically, mentally and emotionally.

By working with certain reflex points on your feet including your hypothalamus, pituitary, thymus, adrenal, solar plexus and reproduction order reflex points, reflexology can help to restore balance to your hormones (your endocrine system) which in turn can alleviate symptoms such as hot flushes, stress and anxiety, hunger and metabolism, sleeping difficulties and heart rate as well as regulating your oestrogen levels and helping to keep your ovaries healthy.

And on top of all of that you get a safe space to relax and recharge from the stresses and strains of daily life with someone who completely understands the physical and emotional changes behind menopausal symptoms

Reflexology has a cumulative effect on the body, and depending on your particular needs a course of sessions may be recommended to obtain the best results.  Many of my lovely clients find it beneficial to have 4-6 weekly or fortnightly sessions initially, followed by a more general ‘maintenance’ session every 4-6 weeks. Your initial session with me of 90 minutes will include a consultation, tailored treatment plan, and a full Reflexology treatment.  If you’d like to give reflexology a try to see if its going to be for you then please do get in touch by phone on 07966 162046 or you use my Online Booking system to book your appointment whenever it suits you.

The menopause need not be a time of trauma it can be a time for your wonderful transformation, just get in touch.

With love & hugs x

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