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Have got a loved one sitting their exams at the moment who is nervous and stressed? Or are you a parent who is worried about them and feeling stressed?

This week my daughter Jess has had 5 GCSE’s in 5 days so she has been feeling a bit stressed as you can imagine.  She has been telling me how lots of her friends have been feeling stressed too.  So I created this tap-along video to help release some of your tension.  When you are stressed you can’t think clearly, so tapping for a couple of days beforehand, before your revision sessions and just before  you go in for your exam can help you to feel much calmer, concentrate and focus better.

Toby said “Absolutely amazing, tried the EFT Vid and really helped, thank you Sar!”

Join in with me or get them to tap-along with me on this EFT video to help them feel calmer and more clear headed. Let me know how you get on in the comments below xxx

Don't Be Shy! Let Me Know How You Got On

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