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Hello and today I’m sharing my video for dealing with anxiety and overwhelm using deep breathing techniques and tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Most people will feel some kind of anxiety in their life at some point, Fear and worry about whats going on in their life or the lives of their family and friends.  However so many of my clients come to see me with anxiety problems that are seriously affecting their life and can lead to panic attacks, phobias or social-anxiety disorder.

Anxiety and overwhelm are not something you have to live with and using techniques like the ones I show you in this video you can learn to let go of whats bothering you.  This video is quite general as I am not working with a specific problem however feel free to tune into your body and mind and swap how you are feeling and about what specific events/people and continue tapping to get the best results.  If you get stuck in any way or would like to work deeper on your issues then contact me on 07966 162046 and I would love to work with you.  Leave go of the past and watch your present and future start to shine x

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