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Feedback from my clients – in their own words

I always aim to provide you with a first class service and welcome any feedback you have – both good and bad – as this allows me to continuously move forward and grow my business in a way that works for you. If you would like to make any comments on the treatments/service you have received and how they have made a difference to your life, then please leave a review or post on my Facebook page

This is what some of my clients are saying about me and their treatments:-

    5 star review  Every time I visit Lynn she always has a warm welcome and is truly amazing at making you feel relaxed and enjoy your experience whilst your there.. Can't wait to call this week.. Xx

    Esther Jane Casey-Howells Avatar Esther Jane Casey-Howells

    5 star review  Had EFT this morning and felt very comfortable and left feeling so much better!! 🙂 thank you so much.. will be booking more!! 🙂 xx

    Asten Marinaccio Avatar Asten Marinaccio

    5 star review  Excellent service, EFT is very enjoyable and healing. XXXX

    Lisa Michelle-Susan Terry Avatar Lisa Michelle-Susan Terry

“Big shout out to Sarah, I went from an 8 of dread about how much I have to do for Christmas to a lovely 2 feeling courageous about giving myself permission to do it a different way to my mum! Thanks Sarah, you’re great at online tapping groups.” Lesley Coping With Christmas Online Workshop

“Another amazing reflexology treatment today and an introduction to EFT, thanks so much Sarah Lynn you are an absolute star. I feel so much better, relaxed and invigorated.” Julia

“I would highly recommend Sarah! And to let others know, she is not just a reflexologist she’s so much more. Her skills at helping people with her wealth of knowledge and range of therapies can really help people with a range of problems.” Margaret

“Super reflexology treatment today from Sarah feel like a new woman 😊xx” Gillian Reflexology

“I just ate a twirl which i usually love and I tapped before eating it but it honestly tasted different! And not in a good way, I really didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would! I’m really enjoying the taste of good food at the moment and am loving the drops! I found the tapping session extremely useful and it honestly has changed my outlook on my eating habits, I really wish I had done this sooner!! ” Anon – EFT session for Weight Loss and Flower Remedies for Weight Loss

Posted on my facebook timeline 16th May 2017….
”   ** massive compliment ^^^^
2 years ago in July I was rushed into hospital staying my bowel in unrepairable and I needed to have a colostomy bag and have my rectum removed. 7 operations later, trying to hold down a full time job and two very active step children… I dug my heels in and sobbed to this amazing woman Sarah Lynn begging to help me. She doesn’t just play with feet as people think!! she actually questions every decision and managers your thought process. Both myself and mum and alot of my friends now see this amazing lady and she takes so much time to understand and help.. this week I was told I have no trace of chrons or colitis within my bowel WOOW … they were wrong we were right – we worked together and as sarah never takes compliments I have felt the need to write this review. Thank you so much, my guardian angel – i have so much love and respect for you xx”  Emma – Reflexology, EFT and Bach Flower Remedies

“Thank you Sarah for my back massage I was in agony but feel so much better now, you are truly an amazing lady and such a lovely person. Love and hugs Sarah xxxx” Jill – Back and Leg Massage

“I visit Sarah on a regular basis because of her polite and professional treatment plus the pain relief and feeling of wellbeing I get.  I can’t thank Sarah enough! ” Paul – Back and Leg Massage

“Morning Sarah. I just have to give u some feedback. Slept better than I’ve slept in ages and only woke this morning at around 5.30 having slept right through. Even went back on to sleep for a bit. This is a massive result in itself, I’m normally awake from 3 and can’t switch off. I’m also calmer, happier and way less wired than I’ve been in so long. I know this because it feels strange to be relaxed but in a good way. Whatever u did on my bowel seems to have woken it up and it’s having a good clear-out lol. Thank you so much. Feel more like the old me already. I’m so glad I came and really glad I had reflexology. I’m hooked! See you Friday xxx”

Emma Reflexology, EFT and Bach Flower Remedies

“I’m really good, feeling positive for the future for a first time in years.  I’ve given up my job, I’ve cut the strings to things that don’t excite or make me feel good. I’m looking forward to a new me, I’ve now lost 1/2 stone and I’m determined to be who I want to be. I’ve also won 3 small amounts on the lottery lol, it’s all because I’m feeling positive.  Before I came to see you, I couldn’t see myself as ever being happy again I was just muddling through life, waiting to join my soul mate (who had passed away). I will join him one day but I’m determined to enjoy life until I’m very old now.  I’ve no idea how it works it’s definitely weird and wonderful.  It worked for me. Big thanks Linda xx” Linda EFT and Matrix Reimprinting for Grief

“Hiya, just an update I’ve seen my surgeon 8 times now since July 2015 (as you know) and each time he operated on me within days, last op only being few months ago … and as you know he give me the colostomy bag talk which made me do everything in my power to fight this bloody thing, then i found you Yesterday was the first time I saw him and he said it looks the best he’s seen me, doesn’t want to operate until 6 months and then it’s just a procedure/ routine check. My reflexology queen it’s all down to you and me trying everything we can and having your amazing support and knowledge is unbelievable. I cannot thank you enough xxx

Emma H HEFT/Matrix Reimprinting, Reflexology and Bach Flower Remedies

“I would not have believed this until I experienced it for myself. I went to Sarah with excruciating neck/shoulder pain that I had had for 48 hours. On arrival we had what I thought was a general chit chat about what was going on in my life. I was under a great deal of stress in work and Sarah focused on this and did her tappy thing! No massage needed! Just talking about my problems and a couple of taps and I was cured. I could not believe it.” Angela EFT for neck/shoulder pain

“Over the past 20 yrs I have suffered with anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, which was brought on by pressure at work. Over the last few weeks I have been having EFT + EFT MATRIX REIMPRINTING from Sarah Lynn at Emerald Dreams. I found that after  having EFT + MATRIX with Sarah, my anxiety and depression levels dropped dramatically. Fibromyalgia pains in my arms and legs dropped from a score of 10 down to a score of 2 after my first session. This holistic therapy is definitely worth trying, rather than taking tablets that give off side effects that make you feel worse.  What I have noticed is that I have found something that has helped me to mend the rocky road of my past health problems, and put my negative thoughts behind me.”

Terry – Fibromyalgia Sufferer

“Hi,just to let you know before my EFT treatment I was absolutely petrified of flying.I never thought I would get on an aeroplane ever again in my life.Nine years ago after my last flight I said that would be my last time.I always used to have nightmares about it that’s how bad my phobia was.I’ve been for two full sessions of EFT with Sarah Lynn and it’s made a massive difference to me..During my journey I started with a bit of ‘tapping’ on the mini bus to the airport as I could feel myself beginning to get anxious and this seemed to ease it aagh back to being calm again.I was also fine boarding the plane until the captain said we were going to have a rough take off as we were going to fly into cross winds so I started tapping again.By the time we were up in the air through the bumps I was fine and looking at the view from the window which was a massive experience for me especially as on my last flight I had my head on my lap,eyes closed and my fingers in my ears and cried all the way home.But this experience was so different.I actually got up on the plane to go to the toilet which I’ve never been able to do before and on the return flight I was looking through the window on take off.Amazing!! (for me anyway)..I also got to do some more tapping on the return flight as we were coming down through the clouds with a few turbulence which has always frightened the hell out of me.I haven’t stopped grinning to myself since and feel a huge weight off my shoulder now. SO who needs alcohol and valium when you can do it with EFT 🙂 …………Thanks Sarah!!!! XXXXXX “- Kelly, Emotional Freedom Technique

Hi Sarah….Well all I can say is that it’s been like a light bulb moment & I feel a lot more at peace within myself. Have been trying to do my homework. Will need to ask my Mum when some of my really early allergies started. i.e. eggs, dust, grass & leather. xxx Heather – EFT and Matrix Reimprinting for Allergies

“Hey Sarah just to let you know I had no pain driving back and I have done my housework pain free..I can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH for you help..although it was very emotional for me…I understand where the pain is coming from xxxx” – This gorgeous lady left with NO back pain after living with back pain ranging from 2 out of 10 to 9 out of 10 every day for over 25 years and had learnt an incredible tool that she has continued to use over the weekend to manage her stress levels Samantha – EFT and Matrix Reimprinting for Pain

Hi Sarah ! Just wanted to let you know I have had no pain in my shoulder or knees at all since seeing you! Thank you so much, was literally a weight if my shoulder. Really enjoyed it. Also feeling a lot calmer and not so stressed xx the rescue remedy is also working fab ! Xxxx see you soon thanks again xxxxx Catrin EFT and Matrix Reimprinting for Pain

Hi Sarah. Thanks for yesterday, feeling absolutely great today! Will definitely be booking another relaxing back/shoulder massage & reflexology with you again. See you soon xTracy-Back Neck & Shoulder Massage and Reflexology

***** Amazing experience by the lovely Sarah! Had never tried a body wrap before and to be honest I have always been a bit sceptical about them wondering if you do actually lose inches….well I was blown away! I had reflexology with the body wrap which was sooooooo relaxing and really helped parts of my body. Sarah has so much knowledge of her treatments and products. She makes you feel right at home, she is so friendly and lovely too! As long as you follow the aftercare she gives you it will work! After 24 hours I have lost 15 inches and can fit into my old jeans! So a massive Thank You!!! Shall definitely have it done again! xoxoxoxoxox Carys Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Wrap & Reflexology

Hi Sarah , Just wanted to say a big thank you to you for the wrap  I tried on my evening dress for the wedding last night and it finally fits! I’ve attached a photo for you to see, didn’t take a before unfortunately, but I will send you a before & after of my day dress after the wedding! I’ve definitely lost inches, plus a few lbs!  Dee Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Wrap

3 days after her treatment my client text me to say she “Is over the moon” she has lost a total of 23.25″ with the largest inch losses being 3″ off her tummy, 4.25″ off her waist, 3.25″ off her midriff and 2.75″ off her boobs – Shrinking Violet Fat Loss Body Wrap

“Hiya,it was 24″ total loss woohoooo,and I just weighed in slimming club and have lost 3.5lb this week x”  Shrinking Violet Fat Loss Body Wrap

“Well Sarah I am beaming this morning, not only can I feel the difference in my clothes after the shrinking violet yesterday, I have measured myself again this morning and I have lost another 6.25 inches, that’s an amazing 13 inches in less than 24 hours, my pre-baby trousers are on without the need to lay down to do the zip up, I’m amazed I can’t wait to measure up tomorrow 🙂 🙂 🙂 ………….. Then after 3 days……Its amazing, I had a shrinking violet wrap with Sarah in the hope to get rid of a couple of unwanted inches after drystan. I lost 6.75 inches straight after it, lost another 6.25 inches yesterday and lost another 4 inches today, Ive lost a total of 17 inches, it works for up to 72 hours after. I can get trousers on that I couldnt even zip up Friday morning. Check out her page, these are really popular with her and her clients are losing inches and inches xx” Bethan Shrinking Violet Fat Loss Body Wrap

“Hi Sarah, I’m so pleased!!! I’ve just measured and I’ve lost another 7.5″ on top of yesterdays 8.75″, I’ve already recommended it to my friends! I’m so happy! Thank you so much! It’s given me a real boost to kick start my diet! New year, new me!! X” – Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

“Been really struggling with my back on and off for the last 4 weeks!! Went for a deep tissue massage with Sarah today and can’t believe the difference it has made! If it feels this much better after a few hours I can’t wait to feel the results tomorrow!! Thank you so much Sarah it’s nice to walk without feeling any pain!! I have had only one treatment and can’t believe the difference I would def recommend trying this if you are experiencing consistent muscle pain :-)” – Bethan, Back, Neck & Shoulder Deep Tissue Massage

“Thank you for my amazing treatments Xx c u soon”Jacq

“After a rotten week – Just had a great massage with Sarah- Feeling a lot better Yippee!”Terry, Full Body Massage

“Thank u 4 the reflexology & massage. I feel fab & refreshed… A perfect way 2 start my Mutt-ternity leave x x” – Vicky 

“Had a fantastic facial, manicure, pedicure and massage today. Very relaxing feeling fabulous thank you S x” – Stephanie

“Thanks Sarah for a very natural looking Spray Tan! i will be back!! After trying lots of spray tans in different shops and having lots of disasters it was wonderful to finally find one that is not orange or stripy! Thanks Again Tina xxx”Tina, Spray Tan

“Had my shrinking violet body wrap yesterday and lost 7.5 inches, measured this morning and i’ve lost another 14.5! Amazing :)” – Danielle, Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

Thank you so much for the most relaxing reflexology treatment and shrinking violet session – 7 inches off to start and hopefully more tomorrow ; ) – Karen, Shrinking Violet Body Wrap & Reflexology

“I could get used 2 this spray tan malarky… Looks fab!! Thank u x x”Vicky, Spray Tan

“Hello Sarah! Thank you so much for my pamper package on thursday, was so nice to speak to someone who was sympathetic and understood my day to day pains. It was lovely that you recognised my condition and worked around it. Really enjoyed, was very relaxing and my feet and toe nails look lush! 🙂 thanks again, Kay x” – Kay

“Thank you so much for the treatments this morning and for the chat! 😉 A very relaxing experience that no doubt I really needed!! lol See you again soon! 🙂 X” – Mags

“Fantastic, relaxing, enjoyable – what more can I say – first class!” –Deb M – Chocolate Body Wrap

“I visited Emerald Dreams over 26 weeks ago for a leg massage. I have a nerve disease which causes discomfort in both legs. After weekly visits I found the massage really helped. I know the illness cannot be cured but a visit once a week, helps with the illness. The staff are very helpful and friendly. Thanks to all” Alan R – Leg Massage

“Wonderful experience, the mood and surroundings are very relaxing. I found the facial very refreshing and the massage was also very relaxing. The staff are very helpful and informative and provided a very friendly atmosphere. An experience I would definately want to repeat, hopefully on a regular basis”.Julie – Hollywood Woman Package 

“As soon as I arrived I had a warm welcome and felt very happy. When I received the treatment I felt relaxed and comfortable, there therapist was kind and very talkative, making me feel at ease. The treatment was excellent and I would definately come back again for more” Rebecca – Inchloss Bodywrap and Manicure

“To be truly pampered – very courteous, knowledgeable and (they) listen to your ailments with advice on the best procedures” Marilyn – Marvellous Mum (Mothers Day Package)

Thanks Sarah for our wedding make up trials this morning, really like the way we look. See you again on my daughters wedding day x Denise (Wedding Makeup)

Sarah thank you so much for the wonderful back, neck and shoulder massage today. The aches, knots and pains have all gone! :):) feeling so much better, thank you! Xx Alison Back Massage
Kim Feb 25 2013 6:08 PM

I had the deep tissue massage and reflexology this week. Fantastic, best massage I’ve ever had. Thank You Sarah, I’ll be seeing you soon. Rachel 🙂 Rachel Back Massage

Another great Deep Tissue and Reflexology session from Sarah (wonder woman):D:D:D Terry Back Massage

Another great Reflexology & and massage session with Sarah. A treatment to die for ,from the best therapist in Wales Alison Reflexology and Back Massage

🙂 Whenever I visit Sarah at Emerald Dreams I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. Sarah you have magic in your hands!!!
Tanya Reflexology

Last month I treated myself to the “September Special” – reflexology and a pedicure. After a hard day in work the relaxing atmosphere and the pampering made me feel human again! I’m looking forward to my next treatment! Tanya Reflexology and Pedicure

I received one of Sarah’s gift vouchers last Christmas and was so pleased with the treatments that I’ve been back regularly. I’ve tried out facials,manicure, pedicure,reiki, Indian head massage and reflexology – which I think is my favourite. Sarah is friendly and professional – I enjoy every minute of every treatment. Denise 

I had the Time Out package with Sarah today and really enjoyed. The indian Head massage melted all my aches and pains away and the reflexology was so relaxing I didn’t want it to end. Thanks for a wonderful treat , see you next time 🙂 Sian IHM & Reflexology

EFT Testamonial – Sarah can work her magic anywhere….. I met Sarah at a conference, we were at the same table for lunch when I happened to mention my lifelong habit of nail biting (I’m 40 now so it has been a long time!). Sarah asked me a few questions and then and there, right in the middle of a crowded room, we started to tap. A few mins later that was that. I now have fingernails I am proud of and I simply can’t thank Sarah enough.  Irene – proud owner of attractive fingernails. Irene Liddle http://www.maiahrsolutions.com

I really enjoyed the treatment on Monday and found it very relaxing, just what I needed. I do also believe that the relaxation starts on entering your home. You have a calming and caring manner that I am sure relaxes all those who come to your home.Thank you
Steph x Stephanie

Every treatment I have had with Sarah has been heavenly. While going through a tough spell last year with my health, Im sure her reflexology treatments kept me sane. During these treatments although I was in pain I was so relaxed I would end up snoring, fast asleep. An added bonus with Sarah she is always kind and considerate of you. Makes you feel an individual. Susan

🙂 I have been having treatments with Sarah for over a year and I am never disappointed. I have regular facials with her and since having the treatments my skin has become younger looking and more radiant I love Sarah’s way in which she makes you feel very relaxed and special. I have had reflexology and massages too which have all been amazing. Her spray tans are beautiful. The best beauty treatments ever. And highly recommended. Anne

Great massage as always Terry

I have been having massage treatment from Sarah for nearly four years.You could not ask for a more pleasant and sincere person who will always make you feel welcome and relaxed at all times. Terry

I recently went for treatment at Emerald Dreams. Sarah made me feel very relaxed and at home. She is very professional and friendly and the massage was wonderful. I thoroughly recommend Sarah and her beauty treatments, and will be returning for more in the next couple of weeks! Ann

Majority of the treatments are for us Boy’s / Men as well. Paul

Thanks for a lovely treatment, I feel really relaxed and destressed (Organic Skin Specific Facial) 🙂 Anne R

Have just had a luxury pedicure – absolute bliss, feels like i’m walking on air now! The massage was to die for! Yvonne

For those of you who havent yet visited this wonderful lady, BOOK NOW, you wont regret it. 🙂 Its the best place I have ever been. Fiona

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