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Learn EFT in 4 Simple Steps

Follow this simple guide to learn the basics of EFT. Once you have tried it for yourself you will begin to realise the unlimited healing potential that EFT offers.

Step 1 – Focus On Your Problem

Think about your problem whatever that may be, whether it be pain, stress, a phobia of some kind, anxiety, depression, a craving or something else. Rate the intensity of your problem on a scale from 0 to 10. A rating of 0 would suggest that you have no problem in this area at all and a level 10 rating would mean that you have severe problems

Step 2 – Setup Your Problem

Thinking about the problem in step 1, describe it being as specific as possible. For example, stating “a tight band of pain across my forehead” is more specific that stating “my headache”. Then using your index and middle fingers of one hand start tapping on the Karate Chop point of the other hand whilst saying the following statement 3 times. Fill in the blank with your description.

“Even though I have this ……………….., I love and accept myself just the way I am”

For Example :-

“Even though I have this tight band of pain across my forehead, I love and accept myself just the way I am”

Step 3 – Tap Your Problems Away!Tapping Points - Sarah Lynn

Now, focus on your problem in step 2 and give it a brief name using the keywords i.e. if you have a headache… simply call it ‘HEADACHE’.

Tap approx. 7 times on the following places softly with your first two fingers and say your keywords (e.g. headache) repeatedly at each point.

Top of Head  (use your flat palm around the crown of your head); Tap approx 7 times and say “My …….. problem”

Eyebrow (the point where your eyebrow begins, use the inside end nearest to your nose); Tap approx 7 times and say “My …….. problem”

Side Of Eye (or both); Tap approx 7 times and say “My …….. problem”

Under Your Eye (or both); Tap approx 7 times and say “My …….. problem”

Under Your Nose (halfway between your nose and your upper lip); Tap approx 7 times and say “My …….. problem”

Your Chin (in the cleft of your chin); Tap approx 7 times and say “My …….. problem”

Collarbone (where the knot would be on your tie and then move to the side 1″, use the palm of your hand if you are not sure of exact point); Tap approx 7 times and say “My …….. problem”

Under Your Arm (approx 4″ below your armpit, on the middle of your brastrap); Tap approx 7 times and say “My …….. problem”

Now take a Deep Breath and reassess your problem

Step 4 – Is that it?

YES! The basics of EFT are truly that simple!

If you were previously an 8 out of 10 in step 1, you may well find yourself now at a 5 or something lower. Please note that you have not simply distracted yourself from the issue, instead the chances are good that you may have healed yourself a little bit.

Now the aim of the game is to get your problem down to a rating of around a 0. So simply, if when you think of the same problem, it is higher than a 0 – Rinse and Repeat!!! Continue steps 1 to 4 until you no longer feel you have the problem anymore!

NB – Some of you will have noticed an improvement immediately whilst others may take a little longer. Remember EFT works for everyone and whilst it may not always be as simple as the example above, the impressive results are usually seen most by people who practice it repeatedly.

This is the basic form of EFT, that founder Gary Craig calls “mechanical EFT”. Don’t give up on EFT if you don’t get results immediately. There are three things to do if you don’t see results: 1) be more specific, 2) be persistant and 3) consult with someone who has more experience – like me! After hundreds of sessions, a good practitioner develops a keen sense of intuition and becomes able to find the core of the issue quickly.

So what are you waiting for…Happy Tapping!

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