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Speaking and Teaching – Sarah Lynn, Sharing Her Experiences

I am very passionate about people living their lives to the fullest and a very big part of that is about helping them to deal with their emotional and physical health using holistic therapies and tools, which they may not already be aware are available to them.  Speaking about these tools and techniques, allows me share my knowledge and educate more people about the wonderful benefits available to them, their family and friends

I want people to feel in control of their health so that they can make choices based on whats best for them, regardless of whether this is holistic medicine or traditional medicine or a combination of the two.  And by talking about my treatments, the benefits and my own experiences, I hope that they can make more informed choices.

You cannot change your past, however you CAN change how you feel about it and when I show people how to do this, it can quite simply change their lives!

Subjects I Cover:

  • Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life
  • Stuck Emotions, Sick Body
  • Bach Flowers – Natures Magic
  • Reflexology & Migraines

If you would like to book for a speaking event, please do get in touch, I love to share!

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